Finding Your Wine HappyTalk: Cruvee

Cruvee1 Here's what I want to do for both myself and Wark Communication clients:

1. Monitor mentions and coverage on blogs

2. Monitor mentions and reviews on Cellartracker

3. Monitor mentions and comments on Twitter

4. Monitor mentions and comments on wine and hospitality social networking sites

Here's how I've been doing it: CRUVEE

There are MANY on-line media monitoring sites out there and ready for your use. But if you are in the wine industry and need to monitor wine-related on-line media, then Cruvee is built for you. Basically what you have is a single place/screen where you can monitor all mentions of any number of keywords across the types of sites mentioned above (with the exception of Facebook—which does not allow searching of this sort). The quality of Cruvee's service, the convenience factor and the ridiculously low fee of about $30 a month makes using Cruvee a no brainer for any marketing agency and for most wineries that are concerned with their exposure on the Internet.

The one thing that Cruvee does not do is monitor print and many non-wine specific websites. This means that if you need to do this, and if you are an agency you likely do, then you'll need to go elsewhere. GoogleAlerts are good and there are many other services that will do this for you. But Cruvee won't. But from an economic standpoint, you don't care: The Cruvee service is only $30 a month.

But here's something to think about. Why monitor wine-related social media and blogs anyway? What's the point? Whether you know there are folks talking about your or not, they still are talking about you and you can't stop that.

Here's why:

1. You can re-purpose the good things they say about you by linking to the happy talk using your own blog, twitter account, facebook account or in your email marketing.

2. You can gather any number of happy talk quotes and use them to remind your distributor that someone out there really does like what you are doing and they should too.

3. If the HappyTalk turns to SadTalk about your brand, you can at least try to counter it on the site or place where it ran originally. This can be tricky. But if you don't know about it, you can't get tricky.

4. Knowing what consumers are saying about you in social media is just another form of market research…and a cheap and effective form at that.

There are other good reasons to use Cruvee and other technologies to monitor what's being said about you. These are just a few. But to recap, if you do think any of the above is important, then Cruvee, in my experience, is probably the best wine-related social media monitoring service out there and it's priced to steal.

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  1. Evan Cover - October 7, 2009

    Well said Tom and thank you for the nice post about Cruvee. I do want to clarify one point that you made surrounding the traditional print articles and publications. We do monitor and consume these articles and feed them back to our clients as long as they are posted online.
    As you also indicated “whether you know it or not people are talking about you” and tools like ours (and others) help protect and promote their brands by enabling wineries, agencies and enterprise companies to engage these consumers. By doing so they will build customer loyalty, provide instantaneous customer service and increase the lifetime value of their consumers. This is an extremely important point that everyone should take into consideration.
    Thank you again for the great post!
    Evan Cover

  2. Dylan - October 8, 2009

    This post taught me two things. The first is that Cruvee is a great way to track conversations about your winery online. Second is that there are no Cruvee hats, or else this would have been a video post.

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