Haidu.Net and Spending Time Well In the Wine Industry

Haidulogo Over at Wark Communications, the fancy name I've given to the public relations and communications consultancy that has been the the source of my income for the past 15 years, I've taken up with HAIDU.NET. I've agreed to be HAIDU.NET's communications agency of record. I've agreed to associate myself with HAIDU.NET. It's a big decision.

For anyone who works as a consultant, whether inside or outside the wine industry, the very first things that must be understood is this: While you can find a way to make up the income you forgo by refusing an offer of a business relationship with a potential client, you can never retrieve the time you spend working on behalf of a client. 

Lesson: Choose Your Clients Carefully!!

HAIDU.NET is now a client at Wark Communications because I've choose my clients based on a set of criteria that satisfy a variety of needs and expectations.

Everyone has a different criteria or hierarchy of needs that must be met before they'll agree to work on behalf of another. Generally, evidence of the ability to pay for your services is the first criteria. But when you begin to have the opportunity to choose your business relationships, your criteria is expanded because HOW YOU INVEST YOUR TIME and THE MEANING OF YOUR WORK will come to define you. If I'm going to be partly defined as 'The guy who is helping promote 'Haidu.net' then it better have meaning. So, why choose to work with HAIDU.NET?

1. HAIDU.NET is a new on-line and iPhone platform aimed at wine professionals, wineries, wine event organizers, wine-centric restaurants, wine writers and wine consumers who have a need and desire to interact with one another and to do so on an international basis. The ambition behind HAIDU is to create a real community of wine lovers who can interact and share information and where wine professionals and businesses and wineries can tell their stories to and interact with a community of dedicated wine drinkers, wine diners and wine lovers. I love the idea of an international approach to building wine communities on line. Further, Haidu's mobile presence out of gate demonstrates they understand the importance of mobile communications today and going forward. I recognize all this not only as progressive, but also of value; something to heighten the value of the internet for wine lovers and wine pros and this is exactly the kind of project I want to be associated with and help succeed.

2. HAIDU.NET has a revenue model that is built on both subscriptions and advertising and is neither asking for the world where subscriptions are concerned, nor giving anything away. I like this because this traditional model for magazine and newspaper revenue is, I believe, the correct model for an on-line venture that has the ambition to gather many eyes in one place.

3. HAIDU.NET is the vision of Yair Haidu, a man who possesses as much passion for ambition than any other person with whom I've worked. Add to this Yair's resume which impressively includes being European General Manager of
the iconic Riedel glass company and a member of La Revue du Vin de France’s
tasting committee as well as the founder of the Israeli Wine Academy and you can add true European insider status to passionate business entrepreneur.
Passion and position are two critical factors for me when I consider taking on a new client because accomplished professionals can almost always see folly and failure a mile away, yet passion in accomplished professionals is usually reserved for something they've given great thought to.

4. HAIDU.NET has the potential to employ all the various communication technologies that are empowering wine lovers and wine professionals and wine businesses to better engage with one another. HAIDU.NET, by embracing and creating a foundation based on these technologies attempts to judiciously put itself in the middle of the communication revolution that is changing how we organize our time. The wisdom of embracing realistic and game changing technologies is a keen indicator to me of the seriousness of the client. Yair Haidu is serious.

This idea of carefully choosing how one spends their time has become more and more important to me as I work to control my life and create a life of meaning for myself, my business associates and my family. At the most base level I am motivated by the clear conclusion that "Time is the Enemy". It passes so quickly that we ought to be very careful about what we layer on to its movement.

As a communications and public relations consultant who, like others of my ilk, is limited by the time I have to spend, I want to very carefully assure that the focus of my time is well chosen. HAIDU.NET is well chosen.

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  1. Jim Caudill - September 13, 2010

    Insightful, well put.

  2. Thomas Pellechia - September 14, 2010

    Buon opportuno!
    You are right about time and layering on our lives.
    There’s no better sense of fulfillment than when you work at something in which you believe rather than to work at something just to pay your way while you pass through this middle state.

  3. Lisa Mattson - September 15, 2010

    Thanks for the intro. Looking forward to checking out Haidu

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  5. hellen - September 18, 2010

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  6. Thomas Hansen - September 30, 2010

    Congratulations Tom! 🙂
    …running over to Haidu’s website to figure out what it’s all about … 😉

  7. Juliet Johnson - July 26, 2011

    I’ve always thought accepting all clients is key to a business’ success. But I was wrong. Tom made a good point…leaves me thinking about how important it is to set a criteria in the process of choosing your clients.

  8. battery - October 4, 2014

    good news

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