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Jan 11, 2005

It Takes Growers to Market Wine?

Leave it to the growers to come up with the best idea in a while to increase sales of wine. Tim Tesconi of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports today on a new study commissioned by the Sonoma County Grape Growers Association. The study finds that by and large wine drinkers are more likely to associate quality with wines that carry the "Sonoma County" designation on the label rather than any of Sonoma County’s sub appellations such as "Russian River…

Jan 11, 2005

“Let me re-phrase that…”

It’s pretty rare for a wine PR person to actually have damage control to do over an unfortunate statement a client or boss makes to the press. In fact, in 15 years of working in wine PR, I’ve never had such a situation arise. It’s not that I’m particularly great at prepping my clients well for meeting with the press. It’s just that there is very little a thinking vintner could say that would create too much of a stink….

Jan 6, 2005

Michel-Schlumberger: A Perfect Winery Website?

Winery Websites!  I browse through them regularly, looking for a new spin on an old tool. I’ve helped build a few too. I think the very best winery websites to the following, in order of importance: 1. Deliver important information in an easy to find way  2. Have a consistent and easy to follow navigation scheme  3. Contain all the information I would need to purchase a bottle  4. Is easy on the eyes All too often, you find sites…