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Mar 12, 2017

How To Speak the Arcane Language of Booze

Having lived in a protective bubble for so many decades, booze distributors have developed a language all their own that can be difficult for non-distributors to understand. The language of the beer distributor is particularly challenging. Theirs is an opaque patois born of years of being isolated from the real world. Recently, a leader of the beer distributor peoples attempted to offer an explanation of the changing world of beer. Unfortunately, his Beerish got in the way of effectively communicating…

Feb 28, 2017

The $124 Million Wine Fraud

“We can’t support that bill and it doesn’t matter that it’s a good bill for our members. If we do, the wholesalers will kill all the bills we are looking to pass this year.” This response, from the head of a wine industry association, is not unique. That is to say, I’ve heard it said before; every year I hear it said; it gets blurted out by wine industry associations of all types in many states. The middlemen box-movers of…

Feb 20, 2017

The Internet Wine Retailers Are Coming

The courts are not the only avenue through which the decaying and withering three-tier system is being challenged. The ginned up support for protecting middlemen from having to compete by stifling competition is also being addressed in legislatures and in the media and in the academy. However, as the National Law Journal notes, the efforts to use the courts to address the issue are moving along swimmingly. “Growth in recent years in the online shopping industry has led to new innovations in…

Feb 1, 2017

Turning Wine Fantasy Into Wine Reality

The wine industry and wine consumers should take careful note of the fact that in a Wine Spectator article about the sharp increase in winery to consumer shipments in 2016, writers Lexi Williams and Ben O’Donnell also spent considerable space outlining the various ways by which states are attempting to cut off consumers from shipments from out-of-state wine stores and retailers. Of particular interest in this story was the claim made by the state of Illinois (which is being sued…

Dec 15, 2016

Help Fight…For the Love of Wine

If you live in Michigan or know someone who lives in Michigan, if you love wine, if you believe wine lovers and wine retailers deserve fairness in commerce, if you hate when special interests screw the rest of us and if you want to help preserve all that is fine, good and beautiful in the world then continue reading: Last night the Michigan Legislature, at the behest of the state’s beer and wine wholesalers passed SB 1088. It’s a simple…

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