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Jun 30, 2006

A Government Sposored System of Corrupt Wine Laws

The state of Illinois has been through a lot of turmoil this year over its direct shipping policies and in its attempt to update its wine regulations in the wake of various legal cases. Earlier this year the Illinois wineries were willing to give up their right to sell directly to restaurants and retailers. The deal they worked out with distributors, who feared that left in place this privilege would mean out-of-state wineries would also be given the right to…

Jun 21, 2006

FEDEX V. UPS: Who’s Wine Deliveries Are Hotter?

Just something to consider…. I was talking with a journalist in Colorado today who receives a lot of wine shipments to his home…every day. He disclosed to me that in a very consistent way wines delivered by UPS are about 15 degrees warmer than wines delivered by FED EX. How does he know this? He measures the temperatures of the outside of the boxes when they arrive at his home with a laser temperature guage. He says the difference in…