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May 15, 2006

No CAP for Florida Wine Consumers

Here’s good news… The Florida legislature has apparently refused to pass a bill that would have put a cap on the size of the winery that is allowed to ship wine to Florida consumers. The Florida House passed a bill restricting direct shipping only to those wineries that produced 250,000 gallons of wine annually or less. The cap provision is protectionism, pure and simple. It is a provision that protects large distributors from having to compete with the convenience that…

Apr 26, 2006

Florida: The Whorehouse of Wine Laws

$1,400,000. This is the price that Florida legislators are willing to take in order to allow wine wholesalers in that state to bend over and have at Florida’s wine lovers. Over the past five years, the Florida alcohol wholesalers have contributed more than $1.4 Million to Florida legislators. What does that buy? Besides politicians, it purchases a restriction that will prevent Florida consumers from purchasing wines directly from some of America’s largest wineries. If you ask me, that a piss…

Apr 3, 2006

Christians, Police, Newspapers & Wine…Oh My!!

The battle in Florida over direct shipping is getting heated. Rather than explain it, wail, moan or get bitching and rant, you might want to read the words of those involved and in the state: TEENS MAY EXPLOIT WEB SALESFrom a local Police Chief (who should know better) CHRISTIAN COALITION: INTERNET SALES OF WINE RAISE CONCERNSFrom the head of Jerry Falwell’s organization (who I’m sure doesn’t know better) PROTECTING THE CHILDREN?(Editorial from the Lakeland Ledger…they get it)

Mar 31, 2006

The Mission of Family Winemakers

Family Winemakers of California is best known as the host of the most diverse and comprehensive wine tasting in America: The annual Family Winemakers Tasting in San Francisco. Yet, the organization’s true mission is to support smaller, family-owned wineries. That was the mission when a small group of vintners such as Bill MacIver of Matanzas Creek Winery, Brice Jones of Sonoma Cutrer and Patrick Campbell of Laurel Glen, all dissatisfied with the orientation of the California Wine Institute, choose to…

Mar 28, 2006

Florida’s “Twilight Zone” Wine Laws.

I’ve recently come across one of the most bizarre suggestions yet as relates to the issue of shipping wine directly to consumers. In Florida, the state Senate is looking to formalize their decision to allow direct shipping of wine to its residents. As expected wine wholesalers and their friends in the Senate are attempting to put restrictions on the legislation that amount to a "Wholesaler Protection Act." The current idea is to limit the wineries that can ship to residents…