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Mar 15, 2006

Celebrating True Wine Geekdom

OK…Let’s see there’s 1. Cabernet Sauvignon 2. Merlot 3. Zinfandel 4. Pinot Noir 5. Viognier 6. Chenin Blanc 7. Chardonnay 8. Pinot Blanc 9. Alicante Bouschet 10. Petit Verdot 11. Cabernet Franc 12. Gewurztraminer 13. Sauvignon Blanc.. ….How many is that…..13?  Hmmm… 87 to go to get into the Century Club:::::::::Sigh::::::::::: I was only made aware of the Century Club when its founder, Steve De Long of DeLong Wine e-mailed me to let me know that Jennifer Rosen, the wine…

Mar 1, 2006

Questions on Wine Competitions

Paul Gregutt, a long-time wine writer based in Washington State has done what I think is a wonder service: described what happens on the inside of a wine competition. Most often consumers visit tasting rooms and see medals on the walls ands shelves touting a Gold Medal from this competition, a Silver Medal from that competition or a Best-of-Class from another competition. Yet rarely do we get to see how that medal was attained. Paul’s article describes the process the…