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Jun 29, 2006

Wine Buying Guides: What Are they Good For?

I wish W.R. Tish would write more. First, his wine experience is deep. For a decade he was the managing editor at Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Second, he’s got a probing mind that combines with a great sense of humor. However, there is very little humor, but lots of probing, in his most recent article for Wines & Vines Magazine  that takes a fairly close look at the wine Buying Guides of three major American wine magazines. Let’s get to the…

Apr 28, 2006

The Wine Lover’s Media Feast

It should be clear to anyone who has paid close attention to the wine media over the past decade that the amount of good, entertaining and useful information available to consumers and the trade has exploded in quantity. Interestingly, it is on the Internet, not the print media, where the vast majority of that exploding information is coming from. This makes the evolution of the wine media different in no way from the rest of the media. There is a…