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May 24, 2006

Vermont on the Forefront of Wine Sales Reform

In the course of reconciling it’s wine shipping laws with last year’s equality-imposing Supreme Court decision, the state of Vermont has done something very interesting. A new law (S58) signed this month says both in-state and out-of-state wineries may now sell and ship wine directly to retail shops and restaurants, effectively cutting the middle man wholesaler out of the loop. This, in and of itself, is a pretty dramatic step given the stranglehold wholesalers seem to have over the legislative…

Apr 24, 2006

Wine Wholesalers Won’t Be Hiring Us

Well, it’s done. A Federal Judge in Washington State has completely dismantled the state-mandated three tier system in that state. The "Costco ruling" comes about 72 years too late. However, with this ruling and the legislature’s recent work that allows all wineries across the country to go around the middleman wholesalers we are about to learn a very valuable lesson: A state’s wholesalers and a state’s smaller wine industry will in fact survive without a law mandating all wineries sell…

Mar 3, 2006

Illinois Wine Controversy Settled

The most controversial political issue in Illinois over the past few months has apparently come to an end with a compromise struck between Illinois 63 wineries and the states’ wine and beer wholesalers. The upshot of the compromise is wineries in Illinois and across the country will have the right, after payng for a license, to ship up to 12 cases per year to an individual, while Illinois wineries have lost their right to sell direct to retailers and restaurateurs….

Mar 2, 2006

Q&A Thurs: Can You Distill Down the Wine Shipping Issue?

Can you distill down the wine shipping issues into on paragraph so I can easily understand why it is so important? Are you suggesting I tend to go on…at length about wine shipping and wine legalities? To put it most succinctly: Technology, the changing relationship between consumers and companies, and the degradation of an old and corrupt system for wine distribution is forcing change in the way wine is sold. If the wine wholesalers are allowed to use their political…