Details of 2005 Bordeaux (I’ll Still Take St. Barts)

As a follow up to Friday’s post about the question of buying a few weeks in St. Barts or a case of 2005 Bordeaux, I’ve been alerted to this fabulous website that documents the details of the 2005 Bordeaux vintage at the top chateau as well as gives current pricing of the 2005 vintage as well as projected increases in pricing over both the 2004 and vaunted 2000 vintage.

Lots of interesting and illuminating ideas at this website if you are interested in Bordeaux, value and hubris.

That said, I don’t want to suggest the 2005 Bordeaux vintage is not worth the astounding prices the owners are asking. If there are buyers at the prices they want, if they can sell out the wine at the prices they want, then the wines are correctly priced.

However, I’ll still take St. Barts over a case of Chateau Lafite any day.

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