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Jun 26, 2006

Details of 2005 Bordeaux (I’ll Still Take St. Barts)

As a follow up to Friday’s post about the question of buying a few weeks in St. Barts or a case of 2005 Bordeaux, I’ve been alerted to this fabulous website that documents the details of the 2005 Bordeaux vintage at the top chateau as well as gives current pricing of the 2005 vintage as well as projected increases in pricing over both the 2004 and vaunted 2000 vintage. Lots of interesting and illuminating ideas at this website if you…

Jun 23, 2006

St. Barts VS. 2005 Lafite

The word on the street is that while the 2005 Bordeaux vintage is quite good, the pricing of the top wines is, well, quite ridiculous. Decanter has the story. But consider this: First tranche pricing of only a portion of Chateau Lafite’s 2005 bottling was announced at $375 per bottle for negociants. The negociants are selling a bottle of the wine to merchants for around $465. And we aren’t even at the marked up price for you….the consumer.If you are…

Jun 6, 2006

2005 Bordeaux: France’s New Beginning?

" The Berry Brothers buying team has recently returned from Bordeaux and there is little doubt that 2005 is one of the greatest vintages of all time." ________ "Wine experts are unanimous that 2005 Bordeaux is the greatest vintage in living memory, according to wine importers Wands Limited. _______ "2005 is a knockout. Not only is it exceptional, say those who have tried the wines, it is singular." ________ "What makes it really unique is, across the board, from the…