St. Barts VS. 2005 Lafite


The word on the street is that while the 2005 Bordeaux vintage is quite good, the pricing of the top wines is, well, quite ridiculous.

Decanter has the story.

But consider this: First tranche pricing of only a portion of Chateau Lafite’s 2005 bottling was announced at $375 per bottle for negociants. The negociants are selling a bottle of the wine to merchants for around $465. And we aren’t even at the marked up price for you….the consumer.

If you are a consumer and want a case of Lafite to save for the future you are looking in the neighborhood of $6000+ per case.
  I just traded in a 1996 BMW 740 IL with 116,000 miles on it. It had new tires and breaks and an engine that ran pretty good. Air conditioning needed work. I got $6000 for it.

However rather than my old BMW or 12 bottles of Lafite, with that same $6000 you could also purchase:

A 2000 Vintage Camero with 84,000 miles
A mint condition 2000 Ford Taurus
-Five Acres of land in Spinney, Colorado
23 Foot Chris Craft 230 Scorpion Speed Boat
-A bungalow rental in St. Barts for five weeks that is one minute from the Beach

I’m the kind of capitalist that believes an item or service is perfectly priced (or even under-priced) if it sells out at that price. So, if the Chateaux are able to get this kind of dough for their 2005 vintage then I guess we have to conclude that Bordeaux as an industry is in fine shape…and so is the luxury wine market.

However, I’ll take the five weeks in St. Barts.

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  1. dfredman - June 23, 2006

    Bordeaux or Bimbeaux? Pretty easy answer, although the upkeep on the case of Lafite is probably nowhere near as costly as the $$ required to maintain the babe in the photo over a similar period of time.
    BTW, why in the world would you want a 2000 Ford Taurus, mint condition or not? I could maybe see the reasoning behind the Camaro, but a Taurus? Even on its best day, the Taurus wouldn’t even pass itself off as a dumbed-down Merkur!

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