My Top Ten Wine Dreams for 2018

The year 2012 was fascinating. A number of issues came to the fore and had an important impact on the wine industry. Looking forward to 2018 I have a few hopes and wishes for developments in the Amerian wine industry. All of the following, if they came to fruition, would be very good for the wine industry, for wine drinkers and for me. What about you?

1 – More Cabernet Franc produced in the style of Washington’s Owen Roe

2 – A website where I can find daily updates of new posts from 100s of wine bloggers

3 – Hard and justified pushback by the Napa Valley Vintners and other Industry groups against the ballot measure to stop all new vineyard plantings in the Valley.

4 – A little concern among alcohol regulators for consumer concerns over distributor concerns

5 – Another book from Matt Kramer

6 – Massive numbers of tourists descending upon Napa and Sonoma counties

7 – One more year without bubbles bursting or recession hitting the United States

8 – A little more Carmenere from California

9 – Expansion of Liberation Distribution to 10 more states

10 – A few more writers, journalists, columnists, bloggers and reporters curious and interested enough to report on the politics of the wine industry.


11 Responses

  1. Jay Christianson - December 20, 2017

    #2 is still on my list.

  2. RSS? - December 20, 2017

    #2: do you not use an RSS reader?

  3. Gabriel Froymovich - December 20, 2017

    Tom, you should do a review of your dreams from last year and how close to fruition they each came.

  4. Al - December 20, 2017

    I tend to check this for #2:

  5. Tyler H - December 20, 2017

    Regarding number 8 – have you tried the Carmenere from Casanel Vineyards in Leesburg, Virginia?? Drool worthy

  6. Cheryl Durzy - December 20, 2017

    Working on #9! Stay tuned!

  7. Adrian Tamblin - December 27, 2017

    Trying our best to help with #6

  8. SAHMmelier - January 17, 2018

    Love that Owen Roe Cab Franc! I’ll drink to that!

  9. chivas 21 polo - January 24, 2019

    I loathe cucumber. Can’t abide the taste of the stuff and for a long time I was put off trying this gin because of the nonsense spouted by gin snobs on sites like this one. Glad I decided to try it for myself. It’s cool, refreshing, and absolutely my favourite gin. It may include cucumber as a botanical but it certainly does not taste of cucumber. Don’t be put off by certain reviews. Drink it with Fever Tree Mediterranean and a slice of lime. Pure nectar!

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