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Sep 15, 2018

The Future of Wine

There is a somewhat obscure field called “Future Studies” by some, “Futurology” by others. It’s not science fiction. The Wikipedia entry on the issue describes Futurology this way: “the study of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlie them. In general, it can be considered as a branch of the social sciences and parallel to the field of history. Futures studies seeks to understand what is likely to continue and what could plausibly change. Part of the discipline thus…

Aug 16, 2018

Wine Journalists Get Their Due

By Alan Goldfarb At a wine tasting many years ago, a man walked up to wine journalist Bob Thompson and stuck a glass in his face and exclaimed, “Do you like this?” Thompson, the wine columnist for the Hearst San Francisco Examiner at the time, went to the paper’s editor the next morning, and quit. The man with the glass, Thompson said, “Wanted me to tell him if he liked the wine. I wanted to be the guy who showed…

Aug 14, 2018

Andrew Jefford and the Contamination of Wine

Andrew Jefford certainly ranks as one of the most thoughtful people to ever write about wine. If you need proof of this, simply read the transcript of the speech he gave to the conference of Wine Communicators of Australia in 2012: “Wine and Astonishment”. It’s a profound piece I’ve gone back to read over and over simply for its beauty, insight and humility. It’s because of the soundness and creativity I have long enjoyed in Jefford’s thinking that I was a…

Aug 8, 2018

Wine and Sexism and Me

The writer of this letter accusing me of exhibiting “toxic masculinity” and sexism did not want to expose herself to comments for reasons she states below. Her accusations are interesting but serve as a conversation starter rather than the conversation stopper she hoped to create. Dear Mr. Wark: I’m writing an email instead of posting a comment because I don’t want to be exposed to sexist comebacks and there is no need to embarrass you yet.  Your recent article on…

Jul 19, 2018

Where to Buy Your Wine-Related Art—Good and Bad

Among the online retailers that have worked to corner the market on particular products, Art.Com certainly needs to be counted among them. You’d be hard-pressed to find another online art retailer that offers up the same kind of massive selection. Founded in 1988 and offering somewhere around 2 million pieces, is a particularly fertile resource for wine-related art. Do a search for “Wine” at and you see returned 6,500 items. The results include decorative art, posters, fine art, vintage…

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