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Feb 5, 2017

Should Wineries Get Vocal About Their Politics?

The winery chose to be very vocal about their opposition to President Trump’s immigration policy, going so far as to put a “Resistance” symbol on their label, being vocal in the media about their opposition, and announcing their opposition to the President’s various policies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They took a principled stand. The upshot was that they lost the support of a small number of important customers located in Texas, Florida, Missouri and Georgia who, together, purchased over $120,000 in…

Jan 16, 2017

Could It Be More Than Sexism?: Women in Wine

I don’t know how to assess the status of women in the wine industry. But that doesn’t mean I ought not consider it. This is also the perspective that James Lawrence clung to when he wrote, “Wine, Women and Subtle Sexism”, a January 12 article in Wine Searcher. Buried fairly deep in the article is this conclusion and question by the author: “Of course, identifying that sexism exists is very straightforward, tackling the issue is another matter altogether.” Again, I’m…

Dec 30, 2016

The Year In Charting Wine

There are many ways to reflect on the year (2016) in wine. No doubt, those various views will be explored as the year comes to an end and as 2016 data sets of various types become available in the new year. One data set always available is Google Trends, a tool that allow us to measure relative interest in Internet search terms. By comparing search terms we can look at the relative interest in those terms over the past year….

Dec 26, 2016

The Age of the Mundane (Wine Edition)

The speed with which the Age of the Mundane overtook us was breathtaking. And now here we are. Seemingly stuck in the midst of a culture that celebrates and collectively participates in the dull, boring and tiresome. It’s all of our fault, but it was the Internet and the ability for anyone to broadcast any random, simple thought to thousands or millions at a time that precipitated the current state of affairs where the mass dissemination of the most monotonous…

Nov 7, 2016

If Hillary Clinton Wins You Can Thank Wine Drinkers

Have you noticed? Wine drinking and winemaking correlate to the Democratic party. In fact, if Hillary wins the 2016 Presidential election, it will be on the backs of wine drinkers and winemakers. Consider the map below. It highlights the states that most pundits and history and polls predict will be Hillary Clinton’s most likely path to a victory: Click the map to create your own at The states in blue are those predicted to go to Hillary (D) in…