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Nov 15, 2016

Top 10 Out-of-the-Way Napa Town Stops for Culinary Hedonists

Followers of FERMENTATION know that I live in the town of Napa and am a booster of this town. Simply put, I believe the town of Napa is now one of best attractions the Napa Valley offers visitors. So I thought it time I offered up my current picks for The Top Ten Below-The-Radar Napa Culinary Hedonism Joints. These are the lesser known, out-of-the-way, don’t-miss, and smaller joints that are often overlooked by visitors to the town of Napa who…

Nov 14, 2016

Will the Replanting of Napa Vineyards Bring Diversity?

As Napa grape growers replace their vines, will the composition of varieties planted in the region change to accommodate the recent broadening of tastes? This is the really interesting question that one can take away from a recent article in Wines and Vines that reports a majority of Napa growers will be replacing their vines by 2017. The cause of the replanting rush is Pierce’s Disease: “Pressure from grapevine red blotch-associated virus and Pierce’s disease is one of the main…

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