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Feb 23, 2006

Arizona’s Pro Wine Cyber-Strategy

The Arizona wineries have made a real game out of their battle with that state’s wine distributors who hope to shut off any growth opportunity for that state’s wineries. The state’s wineries have made headway in the legislative battle even though they face a huge disadvantage when it comes to resources. Their response, in part, has been to take it to the digital streets. Todd bostock is the winemaker at Arizona’s Dos Cabezas Winery, a 3000 case winery that produces…

Feb 22, 2006

Wine PR Rules #33 and #34

How Not To Practice Wine Public Relations: Rule #33 and #34Rule #33: DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE CONTACTING A WRITERJamie Goode relates a hilarious, but sad, example of a PR Person for a large UK Grocery chain who contacted wine writer Tim Atkin of the Observer in London asking if Mr. Atkin would be interested in occasionally quoting a Master of Wine in his columns. The PR person offered all the strong arguments for including the thoughts of a Master of…

Feb 21, 2006

The Wine Great Wine Importer Sings the Blues

There some people in the wine business who can only be described as Legends, pure and simple. They’ve pioneered some part of the business or succeeded so profoundly on an individual level that their work has led to many others trodding a similar path after having been inspired. Kermit Lynch is one such legend. The importer of small, boutique French producers has introduced thousands of people to the joy and intimacy that comes with sipping something authentic. Lynch introduced the…

Feb 18, 2006

Weekend Links

FERMENTATION’S WEEKEND LINKSFebruary 18, 2006 1. Proposed Federal Budget Hits Wineries Hard 2. Koeppel’s Primer on Red Wine & Chocolate 3. Calling for Competition 4. Wine Events…Everywhere 5. Where Wine, Food & Travel Writers Mingle 6. The eGullet Wine Forums 7. Cheap, Well-Aged, California Pinot Noir 8. The Terroir Confernce 9. Thomas Jefferson’s Cultivated Life 10. Wine Blog of the Week: The Zinquisition