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Jun 14, 2006

The Apex in Critter Wine Appeal?

Well, it is official. The trend toward cute labels has reached a climax.  Here is a wine column out of Arizona that reviews and gives scores not only to the wines, but also to the wine labels that qualify as cute. There is something in me that creates something of an aversion to cute labels but I can’t quite lay my finger on the source of that dismissive attitude. By the way…Why not FIVE emus?

Mar 21, 2006

Roadkill Red Wine

Maybe it’s my natural aversion to things "cute", but it does appear we have a candidate for the most overused term in wine for 2006: "Critter Wine". Are we tired of this yet? Not the "critter wines", clearly, but the term? ACNielsen tells us that that according to their sales figures 18% of new table wine brands released over the past year that achieved sales of $20,000 or more in 2005 had "critters" on the label. The sales of these…