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Apr 14, 2006

Holding Your Nose…and hoping for the best

It’s not something to be proud of, but it’s often the case. Sometimes, when you’ve been working for long long time on something and you just want it to be over, you are willing to accept a conclusion to the project that you know just isn’t the best it could be. But, it does bring the project to a conclusion so you accept mediocrity. Most of us take this route from time to time, but the problem with it is….down…

Apr 5, 2006

The Big Thank You

Time To Honor the Sponsors…the folk who honor FERMENTATION by their presence. INERTIA BEVERAGE GROUPThe pros when it comes to direct sales of wine, web management and all things wine and selling on-line. Their new blog, REthink Wine Blog, is ramped up and delivers daily insights on how to sell more wine on-line. K&L WINE MERCHANTSWine retailers extraordinaire. But they too maintain a blog (K&L Uncorked). Currently it’s all about Bordeaux with emphasis on the apparently great 2005 vintage. MAYO…

Mar 28, 2006

Reading (wine blogs) Is Fundamental

Some Editorial Updates For Your Reading Pleasure: 1. Wine Sediments, the new wine blog on the WellFed Network is humming along. My most recent post, "What Next? Republican Wine"? is currently at the top of the list. 2. Taj at Cork & Demon continues her Western Wine Tour, a tour de force wine road trip that currently puts her in the Central Coast area of California. Her tour and chronicle of her adventures is well worth a read. 3. FERMENTATION…