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Jun 21, 2006

The Old World May Embrace a New Wine World

What a fascinating exercise the European wine producers and European Union is embarking upon. Europe appears to be in the early phases of a complete overhaul of their wine industry, from growing to producing to marketing. Yesterday the European Union’s European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development , Mariann Fischer Boel, made a statement  that served as an introduction to the coming debate and staked out a rather progressive position on what needs to be done to make European wine…

Jun 1, 2006

Removing All CA Vineyards…Twice Over.

The crisis in the European wine world has less to do with quality and more to do with quantity. Let’s face it, wonderful wines are made across the continent. Yet, the Europeans, led by the French, are getting their hats handed to them by imports of relatively high quality, low priced wine from the New World. Something has to be done and it appears that the European Union is on the job. The Financial Times reports that among the European-wide…

Mar 13, 2006

That strange relationship: Mainstream Media & Wine

So, the European Union and the United States are happy wine couple. At least that’s the impression one gets from reading the AMAZING NUMBER of stories that ran last week and continue to appear this week about the signing of a bilateral "wine accord". In essence, the two parties have agreed to 1) the U.S will strict the use of certain names on wine bottles such as "Champagne", "Port" and "Sherry. 2) American wines made with winemaking practices outlawed in…