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Apr 17, 2006

Bush Takes on Wine Country…In Style

If there must be a HUGE national debt, I suppose it’s good that Wine Country gets some of that spending. Next weekend President Bush and what must be an amazingly large entourage, will roll into Napa Valley and completely take over the Meadowood Resort. That is to say, no one but the President and his people will be staying a the famed and very expensive Napa Valley Resort. I think they’ll like it. But what will it cost. Meadowood’s low-end…

Apr 11, 2006

A Monterey Wine Corridor: A Great Idea

It strikes me that the Monterey region in central California is perhaps one of the most perfectly situated "wine country" destinations in all of California. If all goes well down in that neck of the woods, the county will be helping out the wine industry, and wine lovers, by creating a "wine corridor" that encourages modest development of wine and wine tourism related business up and down the valley. The proposal for the Wine Corridor comes as Monterey is considering…

Apr 7, 2006

Mother Nature’s Headfake

Everyone you talk to in Northern California can’t seem to get past the dismal weather we’ve been experiencing. Even yesterday’s momentary headfake by Mother Nature when the sun shone for an hour or two caused people to criticize the Great Mother rather than thank her for the momentary rays. Now the media is starting to talk about it. How could they not. We’ve had what seems to be a constantly grey sky now for nearly 40 days. The main concern…