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Aug 3, 2017

It’s Official: Cannabis and Wine are a Poor Pairing

Cannabis and wine are alike only in the same way that wine is like carrots. Both are produced with plants. I’ve been inching toward this conclusion for quite some time. However, it took the experience of listening to presenters and exhibitors at Wine Industry Network‘s brilliantly produced Wine & Weed Symposium on Thursday, for me to fully embrace this conclusion. This was not, however, the conclusion being delivered at the Symposium. Nor is it the position that the Cannabis legalization…

Jul 25, 2017

Nevadans Get a Taste of the Parasitic 3 Tier System — Not So Tasty

One of the best ways to evaluate the efficacy of a system or process is to present it to someone who has not spent time engaged with the system. That’s exactly what happened in Nevada when advocates of marijuana legalization and those overseeing implementation of recreational marijuana’s regulatory system were confronted with the 3 Tier System that governs alcohol distribution. That same 3 Tier System was adopted when Nevada voters approved Question 2, the initiative that legalized recreational marijuana sales…