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Jul 24, 2013

Dirty, Grimy Wine Marketing

“I think we’ve been living in ‘Parkerworld’ for the last few decades, and many consumers are fed up with homogenized supermarket wines, and now need a bit of singularity, uniqueness and authenticity, not to mention some real quality.”  “So natural wines fill a need for authenticity, for a singular product that was made by a real person, and that tastes unique, and that expresses the terroir of where it came from.” Fabio Bartolomei, winemaker, Vinos Ambiz on natural wines at…

Jul 9, 2013

Wine Consumers and the Art of the Slogan

The American Wine Consumer Coalition (AWCC) is currently in the midst of sponsoring a contest for the best slogan for the new wine consumer advocacy organization. The prize is pretty cool: A copy of Jancis Robinson’s monumental new book, “Wine Grapes”…which serves not only as a compendium of all things grapes, but also as a substitute for a gym membership. The contest begs the questions, are slogans useful, should wine companies develop and use a slogan in their marketing, and…

May 31, 2013

God and the Nature of the Wine Club

Were a god of the Abrahamic variety to engage in a conversation with me, they would likely want to know, “What gives? Why no submission?” It turns out any of these Gods hey would indeed have good reason to ask of me this kind of question. My best defense would be, “well, sorry about that, I just have question. But, rest assured, I’ve read your books and do find a great deal in them to recommend. So there’s that.” When…

May 22, 2013

Wine Marketing Education With the Masters

Though I can’t say for sure, I’d bet that wine tasting room workers constitute the greatest number of “marketers” in any wine region in the country. I’d further hazard to guess that a good number of wine tasting room personnel have a desire to rise from the tasting room to a position that allows them to work in a more hard-core marketing environment in the wine industry. What is absolutely necessary to make this climb up the latter is education….

Feb 22, 2013

The Top 10 Winery Promotional Tools

The winery/brand owner has a variety of tools at their disposal for promoting their product and sales. But some are more important than others. Some are critical to the success of the brand. These are your Top Ten Most Important Winery Promotional Tools. 1. YOUR WINE You have no other tool that will more often represent your winery, both in your presence and out of your presence, than your wine. And when I say your wine I mean the liquid…