WINE IDEAS—What if, Imagine, If Only

Whatif• What if restaurants provided their customers with $0.10, one-ounce pours of wine immediately upon seating and changed up the wine every evening?

• Imagine if there were an annual, televised, celebrated national wine competition.

• If only the states put consumers first before satisfying the interests of the largest campaign competitors when it came to alcohol laws and regulations.

• What if winery tasting rooms took photos of all their patrons in a “CHEERS!” pose and provided them with nice print outs upon leaving?

• Imagine labels could incorporate audio technology and how much fun winemakers and wineries could have with that.

• If only a television network could find a way to produce a compelling, well written, authentic drama centered on a winery to give Americans a genuine sense of what the winemaking culture is all about.

• What if a vocal proponent of “natural wine” stood up and loudly declared, “I won’t any longer pretend this is “natural” wine, but will instead stress the low intervention approach to winemaking I take…because that’s really what it is.”?

• Imagine the enormous implications of the percent of drinkers that prefer wine over beer and spirits rising from the 32% to 50%.

• If only someone who supports lowering the Blood Alcohol Content levels to .05% from .08% could explain why the limit shouldn’t be .03%.

• What if the makers of “Glazed Doughnut Vodka”, “Peanut Butter Vodka”  and “Cotton Candy Vodka” get the bright idea of making flavored wine….and people like it?

• Imagine if global warming really does turn Canada into the premier wine growing nation in the world…from coast to coast, and turning much of California into the equivalent of Algeria.

• If only ideas and opinions were gold, I’d be a rich man

9 Responses

  1. Julie Ann Kodmur - May 24, 2013

    Go Tom! May your generous blue-sky-ing inspire us all

  2. Bill McIver - May 24, 2013

    What is a “once-ounce?”

  3. Tom Wark - May 24, 2013

    Bill, let’s go with “ONE OUNCE”….Thanks for the catch.

  4. Mike Dunne - May 24, 2013

    Coming soon to a wine shop near you, Red Velvet Wine and similarly flavored concoctions. Before the year is out, that national television wine competition you imagine will need to create a class for flavored cocktail wines.

  5. gdfo - May 24, 2013

    What if the prices on wine lists were more reasonable??????

  6. David Black - May 24, 2013

    That’s the wine talkin’ , isn’t it 😉 ?

  7. Tom Wark - May 24, 2013

    Which one, David. It’s possible.

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