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Feb 5, 2017

Should Wineries Get Vocal About Their Politics?

The winery chose to be very vocal about their opposition to President Trump’s immigration policy, going so far as to put a “Resistance” symbol on their label, being vocal in the media about their opposition, and announcing their opposition to the President’s various policies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They took a principled stand. The upshot was that they lost the support of a small number of important customers located in Texas, Florida, Missouri and Georgia who, together, purchased over $120,000 in…

Jan 18, 2016

Wine Marketers Can Take a Lesson From Tarantino’s Misfortune

“Wholesalers have responded to requests to distribute New York wines in such a niggardly fashion that wine shops outside the state are forced to relegate the few Empire State bottlings they are offered to the retail ghetto of the “Other Wines” section.” The thing that is wrong with this sentence provides an important lesson to publicists and marketers. The problem isn’t with grammar. The sentence is perfect in that respect. You might quibble with the point it makes, but that’s…

Aug 26, 2015

The Napa Valley Wine Train Incident — No Comment

Those in the wine business in the Napa region and outside it have been reading, seeing and listening to a great deal of commentary about the recent Napa Valley Wine Train incident. In fact, those not in the wine industry, both in the Napa region and outside the region, have been reading, seeing and listening to a great deal of commentary on the Napa Valley Wine Train incident. In light of this, I thought I’d offer my simple five-point plan…

Aug 10, 2015

BLISS-fully Ignorant in Napa and Sonoma Wine Country

Shepard Bliss (what a great name!) is the latest in what is becoming a slew of people pushing back against the wine industry in Napa and Sonoma Counties. The anti-industry activists appear to be concerned the growth in the industry will cause massive harm not only to the counties and their environments, but also to the quality of life for residents. What’s interesting about these anti-winery activists is the remarkably disingenuous way they are trying to make their case against…

Jul 6, 2015

Beer is Better than Wine Because, Well, Because

Maybe it’s bad reporting. Maybe it’s just a matter of click-bating. Maybe its just a case of someone throwing a ball through a window then running away. No matter what it is, a story claiming that “beer is a better drink to serve with food” breaks one of my cardinal rules: if you are going to make a bold statement, at least make the slightest effort to back it up with reasoning. As explained in the Telegraph and at Drinks…

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