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Oct 31, 2017

Update on Wine PR Guy Tom Wark (Me) and this Fermentation Blog

I haven’t done an “update” of me or this site for readers in some time. Almost ever. So, it was about time. Here’s how to navigate and understand this blog and me: About the Fermentation Blog I mainly write about the wine business, wine media, and the link between wine and culture. I love to get story pitches and often respond well to them, but It’s best to keep the pitches aimed at the topics above. I don’t accept paid…

Oct 12, 2017

What Happens When the Napa Fires Are Out?

What happens when the fires are out? Clearly, that depends on what you’ve suffered or not suffered. But the question isn’t directed at any individual or at individuals at all. It is directed at the “Napa Valley”. Napa Valley is in the business of growing grapes, making wine and selling that wine. It’s in the business of hospitality. Hosting. The key issue for the industry (and the entire community that depends on the successful industry) is demonstrating to potential customers…

Aug 24, 2017

Wine and the Seduction of Drinkers

How can wine be an emotional trigger point for drinkers? How can it invoke emotion in its users that in turn provokes them to invest more time and money in the product and, potentially, a brand? These were the questions left unanswered by Reka Haros in a recently published and well-circulated article in which she admonishes the wine industry for a lack of emotionally engaging content in its advertising and marketing. Ms. Haros’ case is best summed up when she…

Jul 26, 2017

Demolishing Natural Wine

One of America’s most experienced, accomplished and insightful wine writers recently demolished both the idea of “natural” wine and the intellectual artifice of the “natural” wine movement. This is notable because outside of intellectually disciplined observers of the wine world and some hacks like myself, there hasn’t been all that much push back against the foundations of “Natural Wine”. In the course of schooling the natural wine movement at Wine Review Online, Paul Lukacs made the following point that deserves…

Apr 4, 2017

Media Relations and the Frustrated Wine Writer

There are certain skills and a certain set of principles involved in media relations, be it within the wine industry or any other industry where a company has a story to tell the media. I want to demonstrate an example of a failure of both the skill and principles using an email pitch that was sent to me yesterday. “Dear Tom I recently started a wine import company focusing on terroir – driven wines. Getting it off the ground takes a…

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