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Oct 31, 2019

Wine and the Evil Cabal of Patriarchs

Let me start by inviting anyone to try to paint me as a misogynist; to make the case that I’ve worked to protect the “patriarchy”; to argue that my perspective and my work and my writings have diminished the role of women in the wine industry. With that invitation issued, please someone tell me why I’m wrong to read the following and think to myself, what a bunch of crap: “What is the impact of mostly white men occupying these…

Oct 22, 2019

The Future of Market Access for Brewers and Distillers —and Wineries Too

There is an unusual collaboration and coherence among America’s alcohol beverage producers at this moment when it comes to politics. Just about everyone, from distillers to brewers to wineries—of every size—are lobbying federal lawmakers seeking an extension or permanent status to the current federal alcohol excise tax. It’s about the money, as it usually is. I don’t have a strong opinion on the propriety of making permanent the lower federal alcohol excise tax rate arrived at two years ago. However,…

Oct 18, 2019

Winery vs Retailer — It’s Not a Real Fight

“It’s an opportunity for consumers, and that’s the most important thing. Whatever’s best for the customer is going to be best for us in the end.” These are the wise words of Belinda Weber, Duckhorn Wine Company Marketing Director, in a Napa Valley Register article that explored the impact of June’s Tennessee Wine v Thomas Supreme Court decision and its real potential to result in more states changing their laws to allow wine shipments from out-of-state wine retailers. But, the…

Sep 26, 2019

Napa’s Leaders Need to Embrace the Obvious On Winery Tourism

A recent story details that in Napa Valley there appear to be more winery visits than are permitted. Lewis Perdue gave the details—to the extent they can be determined, in a post on September 12: “In 2018, 3.85 million people visited Napa County. Each of them visited an average of 3.7 wineries according to survey research conducted by Destination Analysts on behalf of Visit Napa Valley. That makes for an estimated 14.25 million winery visits. However, Napa County Use Permit data indicates that…

Sep 23, 2019

An Alcohol Bureaucracy’s Rush To Judgement

There is no getting around the fact that alcohol regulation requires bureaucracy. All state and federal regulatory efforts don’t function without a bureaucratic element. Moreover, such bureaucracies are often very slow-moving, opaque, and too often unresponsive to critics and concerns of how they operate. However, in the case of the California Alcohol Beverage Commission, you have a bureaucratic agency moving so fast and in such an inconsiderate way with the implementation of a new alcohol server program that has the…

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