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May 18, 2021

Five Facts About the Wine Industry’s and Success In the Wine Industry

A clear eyed understanding of the wine industry is the prerequisite for the industry’s health and for success working in the industry. Too often I bump up against folks in the industry that don’t appreciate some basic truths about the industry. This, in turn, leads folks who want to succeed in the wine industry down a path that inevitably runs up against roadblocks. The five facts that follow are among the most important clear-eyed views of the wine industry that…

May 5, 2021

Put-Upon, Underpaid, Disparaged, Victims—The Life of Wine Influencers

Are wine influencers mining the depths and potential of Instagram really just put-upon, underpaid, disparaged journalists working in a new medium that the sexist wine industry is too male and too old to understand or appreciate? As usual, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Esther Mobley provides some fascinating insight into her subject matter, this time looking at “wine influencers” and doing a good job of letting them tell their story without too much interruption. Unfortunately, in “Instagram’s wine influencers started thriving…

May 2, 2021

Now is the Time To Buy Prime Vineyard Land…It’s a Bargain

Say you are 30 years old and you, unlike so many your age, are thinking about your future and thinking about securing your financial future. Here is how you do it: Do whatever it takes, find partners, find the funding, and buy a few acres of Napa Valley, Russian River Valley or Willamette Valley vineyard land….the really good terroir. In 30 years, you will be able to sell this land for oodles and oodles more than you bought it. The…

Apr 21, 2021

First End-of-Pandemic Wine DTC Data Is Good News

Beginning in March 2020, American wineries began to see the impact on direct-to-consumer shipments due to pandemic lockdowns and isolating inside our homes. We are just now beginning to see a hint of what a post-pandemic DTC market can look like. The beginnings of the pandemic led to a 30% year-over-year increase in winery shipments in March 2020. The March 2020 thirty-percent increase in the volume of shipments far exceeded the average monthly increases seen in previous months of March….

Apr 20, 2021

Wine, Mind Share and the Media—A Potent Combo Still

In 1990 I went to work for a wine-oriented PR firm in Santa Rosa, California. I was fresh off the college boat, had never worked in public relations and the only insight I had into how the media works was that I saw newspapers and magazines arrived at my home with relative regularity. I didn’t know any journalists or writers. I read a lot, but the idea of speaking with writers and suggesting topics for them to write about held…