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Aug 14, 2018

Andrew Jefford and the Contamination of Wine

Andrew Jefford certainly ranks as one of the most thoughtful people to ever write about wine. If you need proof of this, simply read the transcript of the speech he gave to the conference of Wine Communicators of Australia in 2012: “Wine and Astonishment”. It’s a profound piece I’ve gone back to read over and over simply for its beauty, insight and humility. It’s because of the soundness and creativity I have long enjoyed in Jefford’s thinking that I was a…

Jul 31, 2018

A Change at the Heart of the Wine Trade 100 Years in the Making

A bit of bittersweet news came through the email machine yesterday that has a historical context. The announcement via press release was that Wine Business Monthly and Wines & Vines Magazine will be merging, with Wines & Vines Magazines being folded into Wine Business Monthly. The two most important American wine trade publications have been owned by the same company since 2004. So it’s surprising they had not merged before today. But it’s worth noting that this merger of two…

Jul 20, 2018

New Enemy of Wine Consumers Appointed

The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Association (WSWA), whose values can be succinctly reduced to  “what’s good for the consumers…just doesn’t matter” has a new CEO and president in the wake of former WSWA president Craig Wolf’s resignation and venture into electoral politics. Michelle Korsmo is the new head of the trade association that represents the interests of the wholesalers. It’s good to know that she is already on board with the program: “I am also inspired by the industry’s record of…

Jul 18, 2018

Scams and Fraud In The Wine Business — Be Watchful

No one likes to admit they’ve been taken in by someone attempting to scam them. In reality, it’s a rare occurrence. Still, it’s embarrassing. But because it does happen from time to time, even in the wine business, it’s important to be on guard against it. Today, most folks are aware of computer-related scams. The IRS has filed a judgment against you and all you have to do is send someone $4,530 via PayPal and you won’t be arrested by…

Jul 9, 2018

Turning the Tide on Corruption in Wine, Beer and Spirit Sales

An amazing thing happened recently in, of all places, Texas. Both the Texas Democratic Party and the Texas Republican Party, at their annual state platform conventions, called for the elimination or complete reform of the Three Tier System of Alcohol distribution in Texas in their individual party platforms. Credit for this rather remarkable political (and popular) victory goes to CraftPac, the political action committee of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, whose members have been denied direct access to the consumer market….