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Dec 27, 2017

Can It Get Uglier in 2018 for One of America’s Largest Wine Companies?

“The multitude of violations found during the course of these investigations is truly staggering” This is the description of the corruption exhibited by Southern-Glazer’s, uncovered by the New York State Liquor Authority and that led it to issue a $3.5 million fine on the largest wine wholesalers in the United States. Incidentally, this fine levied upon Southern-Glazers for violating a host of NY laws comes in the wake of Southern-Glazer’s being fined $5 million earlier in 2017 by the state…

Dec 20, 2017

Is Now The Best Time for Tax Reductions for Napa Wineries?

So, I’ve been taken to task by a friend who has followed this blog for some time as well as my social media posts. I’m reproducing his letter here because he is correct—I’ve not spoken up one way or another about the tax break for wineries that was folded into the federal Tax Reform measure, which I do oppose. The writer is referring to this. Dear Tom, I’ve corresponded with you before on other issues. I wanted to reach out…

Dec 20, 2017

My Top Ten Wine Dreams for 2018

The year 2012 was fascinating. A number of issues came to the fore and had an important impact on the wine industry. Looking forward to 2018 I have a few hopes and wishes for developments in the Amerian wine industry. All of the following, if they came to fruition, would be very good for the wine industry, for wine drinkers and for me. What about you? 1 – More Cabernet Franc produced in the style of Washington’s Owen Roe 2…

Dec 13, 2017

Top Five Wine Trends to Watch in 2018

These aren’t so much “predictions” as they are observations of movements I expect to see extended in 2018. Well, there are some predictions in here. All of these developments and trends would have an important impact on the wine industry as well as the wine consumer. The Continuation of Wholesaler Consolidation The past two years have seen a huge consolidation in the middle tier with the largest American wine wholesalers combining. I thoroughly expect this trend to continue in 2018….

Dec 5, 2017

Top Ten Wine News Stories of 2017

Wine News in 2017 was big and varied. Lots of big changes and big events. Some of it was predictable. Other news, well not so predictable. Here are my Top 10 Wine News Stories of 2017. They are not presented in any order of importance and they tend to focus in part on California’s wine industry. WINE COUNTRY FIRES DEVASTATE The fires scarred everyone in Napa and Sonoma. The land will recover, but the personal, economic, and psychological toll will…