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Jan 22, 2019

How to Fix the Problem with Millennials and Wine

The narrative surrounding Millennials and wine has changed. Where previously the focus was on Millennials’ apparent interest in non-traditional wine (read: Not your Baby Boomers’ noble varietals), now the focus appears to be on Millennials’ lack of sufficient interest (read: not buying at sufficient levels) in wine. This new narrative is more worrisome than the former narrative. It appears to presents an existential threat to the American wine industry’s profits. Remember these headlines: How Millennials Are Changing the Wine-Selling Game…

Apr 30, 2018

Simple and Useful Rules for Wine Media Events

There is a good, general rule in wine media relations: Try not to send generic press releases or story pitches to those members of the media who are highly unlikely to have any interest in them. It’s a good rule because when your Virginia winery sends a press release to San Francisco Chronicle Wine, Beer and Spirits Write Esther Mobley about your inclusion in Food & Wine Magazine’s  “Top Ten Best Wineries To Visit in Virginia” story, you are likely…

Mar 13, 2018

On The Other Hand: Wine in 2028

Leave it to Rob McMillan to dig into the big questions: “What Will The Wine Business Look Like in 2028?” It’s an interesting read. In it, Rob is most concerned with how we (the wine trade) will sell wine. His primary observation is this: “I think we are coming to the end of the elevated growth in the tasting room and club models we’ve been managing for the past decade.” In support of this, he provides, among others, these predictions:…

Nov 1, 2017

A Sure Proof Way To Sell More Wine To More Millennials

Want to attract millennials to your wine brand? The way to do so is simpler than you think: Make lower priced wines. I thought I’d bring up this important point in light of the most recent article on the relationship between millennials and wine that provided the following nuggets: “They’re [millennials] looking for something that’s got a nice label. Something that’s fun because then they can go to social media, send it out there, then it will be branded. They…

Sep 13, 2017

Marketing Wine, Sex Toys and Cannabis — Differences and Similarities

What if wines were reviewed like cannabis strains? 2015 Fermentationblog Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Just looking at this beastly purple grog tells me I’m in for a sloshy night. It sports dense, heady blueberry aromas that beckon and the taste is not so different, but with a premonition of its potency. After a glass, I already felt the first jolt of its 14.5 alc. Two glasses and my eyes felt that familiar heaviness that comes of cab imbibing. After four glasses its fruity…

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