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May 31, 2005

“Other States” Wines…The Reputation Grows

I’ve worked with wineries outside the big three wine states (CA, WA, OR). Let me tell you, it is very very difficult to get a wine writer, let alone writers at the major wine magazines, to give consideration to wines from Michigan, Ohio, Texas and other states where the wines really can be quite good. Bruce Shoenfeld of The Wine Spectator showed just how difficult it is to get America’s top wine magazine to give consideration to "other states" wines…

May 27, 2005

Wine Greatness: Old School vs New School

Can a wine be considered "GREAT" and should it attain a score of 98 or above if it isn’t likely to improve with age? Put another way, given that it is not meant to age, what score would a perfect dry rose garner? Robert Parker, among other reviewers and wine lovers, reserves a portion of his assessment points for a wine’s ability to age. If the wine is, in their assessment, likely to improve and develop complexity with age, it…

May 12, 2005

More Good Pinot News

I never should have waited so long to make this post. One of the goals I’ve set for FERMENTATIONS is bringing great wine writing to the attention of this blog’s readers. So, I was very happy to learn a while ago that Greg Walter’s PINOT REPORT was won the award for “Best Newsletter Writing on Food, Beverage, Restaurant and Nutrition," at the annual and prestigious James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards. I’ve previously written about the PINOT REPORT, Walter’s Sonoma-based newsletter…

Apr 26, 2005

Best Books on California Wine has published my first article for them: Canon of California Wine." This article puts forth those indispensable books for anyone wanting to learn more about California from the best volumes on the subject. What are the best books on the subject of California wine? Check it out.

Apr 25, 2005

SURVEY: It’s All About The Wine Spectator

Most niche industries or publishing categories have a dominant publication, a publication that has a readership substantially higher than the others in the category. I’m sure there is a good reason for this but I can’t tell you exactly what it is. In the world of consumer wine publishing that publication is the Wine Spectator. The third question in the FERMENTATIONS Survey on how you consume wine media asked: What wine print publications do you make a point of reading…