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Apr 4, 2016

Terroir is a Myth

The idea that “Terroir” is the source of fine wine flavor is a myth. This is according to Professor Mark Matthews at the University of California, Davis in his new and controversial book: “Terroir and Other Myths of Winemaking.” As the title of this new book implies, the myth of terroir is only part of Matthews’ investigation. This post wants to explore only that part of Matthews’ new work that addresses terroir. In “Terroir and Other Myths of Winegrowing”, Matthews…

Mar 15, 2016

Three Tips For Parents Navigating The Wine Aisle

So, Our Little Project has graduated from baby-stage and at 22 months is well into the “running-talking-spilling-‘no, no, no’-dog hitting-toddler” stage. But what defines this stage of development most, at least in Henry George’s case, is his newly acquired talent for verbal mimicking. If you look at Henry George or look near Henry George and say something, he’ll either say it back or log the word or phrase in his little mind for later use. It’s very cute and very…

Mar 14, 2016

Ideological Wine

Ideology infects everything. Starting with politics, of course, but ideology and the personal philosophies and world views that inform ideology are seen in the wine industry too. By “ideology” I mean a philosophy of how the world works or ought to work and, more specifically, how that worldview impacts one’s view of man other subjects and topics. I think it’s rare these days for one’s ideology to place them in the middle as a moderate. More often than not a…

Mar 10, 2016

The Simple Rhetoric of Wine Country Nimbys

How do you know when its safe to ignore a critic? When they demonstrate a willingness to engage in simple, meaningless rhetoric, rather than in delivering their opinions with words that mean something. This tendency to ignore the meaning of words and even make them up with no care for what they mean is on display in among the current batch of Nimby Wine Industry Critics who whine about under organizations titled, “Napa Vision 2050”, “Soda Canyon Road” and others….

Mar 1, 2016

Wine—What’s Old Is Rarely What’s New

“What’s New?” It’s the query that occupies the minds of most anyone in the wine industry who ponder what kind of new fad or new embrace is coming to wine drinkers near them. “Grenache…the wine we’ll be drinking!”  “Natural wine is the new thing being driven by a new generation of drinkers.”  “Cabernet is dead, long live red blends!”. Some of the predictions (and hopes) come true. Others remain mere hopes or failed predictions. So it will always be. But…