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Dec 15, 2006

Send Me Your Satellite Wine Imagery

More fun with Appellation America’s Satellite Imagery and Google Earth. This is fun. Let’s do this, EMAIL me your best wine related satellite imagery  and I’ll post it here at Fermentation with credit. Try to keep  the images relatively small in file size and no more than 6 inches wide. Atlas Peak vineyards above Napa Valley The heart of Carneros Dominus Estate in Yountville Piesport in th Mosel Chateau Lafite Rothschild Mondavi Woodbridge Domain Drouhin, Oregon

Sep 13, 2006

Tipping, Bribes and Wine

How much do you tip in a restaurant? I tend to go wit a standard 20%. If the service is just south of par I give the server the benefit of the doubt and continue along with the 20%. If the service is really bad, I go south of 20%. The interesting question is, do you apply that 20% to the wine you ordered. I never do, at least if it’s a bottle of wine I’ve bought. Part of the…

Jul 29, 2006

Looking For a Few Good Wine PR Types

Over at the day job side of my life, we are looking to fill out our database of Wine PR types. In essence we are looking for folk who have some experience in wine public relations or some experience in PR/marketing/communications and a knowledge of wine that might recommend them as potential independent contractors or even, down the road, as hires. Here’s the kind of person we want to talk to: -You can write, write well, and write fairly quickly….

Jul 25, 2006

Expectations of Averageness

Expectations!  They can "do in" a wine or elevate it to heights we never expected. But sometimes our expectations for a wine are met so perfectly that there can be no lamenting, no elation…just acknowledgment of what we expected. Personally, I prefer to be elated or disappointed by a wine. This was driven home this past weekend as I broke open a couple bottles of wine: 1996 Rochioli Reserve Sauvignon Blanc (Russian River Valley)1996 Mondavi To-Kalon I Block Fume Blanc…

Jul 23, 2006

The Science & Marketing of Wine & Slurpees

What wine do you drink when it’s 115 degrees? That was the official high temperature in the Wark Family backyard yesterday, and the record high for my life. The answer is not wine. Believe me, you’re sluggish enough without putting any alcohol in your body. The correct answer to what you drink is obviously The SLURPEE. Now, when it comes to Slurpees, I’m a "Cola" kind of guy when it comes to Slurpees. It has a refreshing "bite" that gets…