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Jun 14, 2006

The Apex in Critter Wine Appeal?

Well, it is official. The trend toward cute labels has reached a climax.  Here is a wine column out of Arizona that reviews and gives scores not only to the wines, but also to the wine labels that qualify as cute. There is something in me that creates something of an aversion to cute labels but I can’t quite lay my finger on the source of that dismissive attitude. By the way…Why not FIVE emus?

Jun 8, 2006

The Wine Data Sheet

It goes by various names: "Data Sheet", "Tech Sheet", "Product Page". Whatever it is or should be called it is the single most common piece of marketing material I’ve created in 15 years of wine marketing and public relations. I hesitate to even guess at the number. Yet, each one, while different, is the same. The "Data Sheet" is, simply, a description of a wine used generally to give background on the product to a winery’s distributors, sales people, restaurants,…

May 22, 2006

Important Wine Sales Changes in VT and MD

DON’T FORGET TO TAKE THE  FERMENTATION READER SURVEY ============================================================ It appears that both Maryland and Vermont have followed Washington State’s lead and passed laws that allow wineries outside the state to sell directly to retailers and restaurants in VT and MD. This is a huge step that confirms the states’ acknowledgment that wine wholesalers are not necessary tools for getting wine to market but rather one tool that CAN be used to get the wine to market. In the case…

Apr 6, 2006

Minnesotans Get Wine Ads

The state of Minnesota has long been the winner of the "most creative way to protect wine wholesalers and screw consumers" award.   With a recent judicial ruling the state can no longer claim that title. In 1998 Minnesota enacted regulations that prohibited any winery in the country from advertising to Minnesotans that their wine was available direct from the winery  and prohibiting Minnesotans from ordering wine via the Internet. Monday those regulations were determined to be unconstitutional. The ruling states…

Mar 18, 2006

Wine Marketing Questions and Answers

GOOD MARKETING QUESTIONS… 1.  “Are you aware of any freelance wine PR people in this neck of the woods? 2.  (From a freelance writer): “I want to make some changes to make my Web site, making it a little friendlier and to perhaps induce more people to subscribe, offering a few more members-only services. Memberships are very low and I’m not making a cent on the site. I may eventually have to go to advertising…….What to do.?” 3.  How do…