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Oct 21, 2015

When Alcohol Wholesaling Starts to Look Like “The Godfather”

Wirtz Beverage and Charmer Sunbelt, two of America’s biggest box movers have merged. they now are the second largest box movers in the alcohol distribution business. And now, five companies (families) control well over 50% of the alcohol box moving business in the United States. Remember…the box movers tell us that the three tiers system’s legal mandate that booze move through a wholesaler is a good thing because it prevents producers from dominating a market and exerting pressure on retailers….

Aug 26, 2015

The Napa Valley Wine Train Incident — No Comment

Those in the wine business in the Napa region and outside it have been reading, seeing and listening to a great deal of commentary about the recent Napa Valley Wine Train incident. In fact, those not in the wine industry, both in the Napa region and outside the region, have been reading, seeing and listening to a great deal of commentary on the Napa Valley Wine Train incident. In light of this, I thought I’d offer my simple five-point plan…

Sep 10, 2014

A Grape Harvest in Full Swing and How You Can Help

The Northern California grape harvest is in full swing now according to most reports and my talks with folks. And when I say “full swing” I mean to say there are all sorts of shenanigans going on during this year of the early and quick harvest. • Red grapes mingling with white grapes on the crush pads •Grapes choosing sugar over acids • The cool Sonoma Coast giving up its grapes a month early • Total harvests of many reds…

Apr 9, 2014

Do Wine Wholesalers Need To Be Taught How To Be Criminals?

In 1998 Jordan Belfort was indicted and convicted of money laundering and securities fraud. He stole, bilked and defrauded more than $200 million from thousands of Americans. He cheated. He was a con man. He ripped people off. He spent two years in prison and was ordered to pay back more than $100 million to those he ripped off. Of course he never has done that. In fact, he was paid $1.7 million for two books and the movie rights…

May 28, 2013

Happy Napa Valley Auction Week—Bring Millions

“Auction Week” in Napa Valley has begun. The way you can tell are all the little signs floating around the Valley that wish you a “Happy” auction week. For the uninitiated, Auction Napa Valley is the signature annual event of the Napa Valley Vintners, the organization of Napa Valley wineries that promote the idea of Napa Valley and its wines as well as take steps to defend the commercial interests of the “Napa Valley” brand as it pertains to wine….