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Oct 4, 2012

The State of Damage Control and Wine Criticism

The wine industry is one in which “damage control” is rarely a required skill. Controversy rarely arises. The general public’s attention is rarely focused on industry’s or individuals’ misdeeds—real or imagined. Taking time to learn the art of response to criticism or claims is probably better spent exploring the mysteries of Twitter, proper pumice removal or the circuitous route for permit approvals. Given this, it’s nice to see a member of the wine industry respond so well to criticism and…

Aug 20, 2012

Dissing Mothers and What I learned at the Wine Bloggers Conference

The recently concluded conference of wine bloggers in Portland, Oregon was, as always, enlightening, a great source of ideas for this writer, full of surprises, great fun, dashed with a few disappointments and provided and up-close opportunity to examine the state of wine blogging. With that in mind, I’ve culled the Top Ten Things I learned at the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference: 1. Marketing Aside. Wine Bloggers remain somewhat uninterested in marketing their work beyond posts on Facebook and Tweets…

Jun 20, 2012

They Couldn’t Have Meant It—A Lesson in Wine Misspeak

One thing you learn after watching an election campaign being carried out is that in this country the media will jump on any inadvertant "misspeak". It doesn't matter what the intent was, if a candidate misspeaks it will be used against them. And it's not just in the context of electioneering that the media jumps on such a thing. A person of any standing can be castigated by the media and others for the inadvertent words. I was reminded of…

May 16, 2012

The Pinot Producers Are Coming—PINOT DAYS SF

Who Doesn't love a good list? Who doesn't love a good Pinot Noir? Who doesn't love a great Pinot Noir Event? Here you'll find all three: PINOT DAYS SAN FRANCISCOSaturday, June 16th200 Pinot ProducersBelow is the killer list!Here's how you get ticketsAbiouness Wines Alma Rosa Winery & Vineyards Alta Maria Vineyards Amalie Robert Estate Ancient Oak Cellars Arista Winery August West Bailiwick Wines Baxter Winery Belle Glos Wines Benovia Winery Bien Nacido Vineyards Big Basin Vineyards Big Table Farm Brandborg…

May 8, 2012

Minors Don’t Buy Alcohol Online

Minors Don't Buy Alcohol On-line. And yet, this fundamental fact has gone unnoticed in the wake of a recently released study that looks at minors access to alcohol conducted by Chapel Hill North Carolina and funded by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. While this study shows that 8 students attempting to buy wine from 100 unknown on-line vendors demonstrated that 48 out of 100 orders were delivered, the study itself and the media coverage that has followed somehow failed to mentioned…

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