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May 11, 2006


How do you know it’s time to break open the Dry Rose? When your seven day forecast looks like this. Yesterday I decided to move up my official "Rose Break Out Day" from Memorial Day to, well, yesterday. The opening salvo in my attack on defining "pleasure" was a 2004 Ravenswood Rosato. It was cool, had a darkish hue, brimmed with early raspberry aromas and flavors and the requisite acid backbone necessary to be the quaffer it was designed as….

May 10, 2006

Joe Takes FERMENTATION Caption Contest

CONGRATULATIONS to Joe of E-sommelier. Joe is the winner of the first FERMENTATION PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST with his entry that riffs on political correctness, food and wine and Arnold. Joe wins a one year subscription to the award-winning Pinot Report. Thanks to everyone for playing. Look for more fun and games at FERMENTATION. Why? Just because it’s fun.

May 8, 2006

Wind, Fog, Wine: The Story of “The Gap”

Staying on the terroir track for today, I was alerted to an article in a local paper by a good reader of FERMENTATION. The article spoke to the formation of a new regional grape growing and winery alliance that is focusing on a swath of land that deserves focusing on for its special and unique climate. The "Petaluma Gap" might be a term you’ve heard of lately, particularly if you are an aficionado of Sonoma County wines. The Petaluma Gap…

May 5, 2006

What’s Arnold Have To Say About Wine

Join in the.. FERMENTATION CAPTION CONTEST Write a caption for this wonderful shot of Governor Arnold schwarzenegger and put it in the comments section HERE. Judged by yours truly, the winner of the first FERMENTATION CAPTION CONTEST will receive a one years subscription to the Award Winning Pinot Noir Report. Contest ends Tuesday May 9 at 11:59pm Hat tip to Jason at the Shipping Compliance Blog for pointing me toward this…great photo.