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Oct 21, 2014

Frantic Parent Syndrome Highlighted in Wine TV Ads

It’s not often that voters here the words “wine” in those wonderful campaign ads that control the airwaves during election season. However, voters in Tennessee are getting a glass full in the run up to the November election. Having recently passed a law that (finally) allows Tennessee grocery stores to sell wine, the new wine-in-grocery-stores-law came with a caveat: local jurisdictions must first vote to approve the sale of wine in their grocery stores. So, Red White and Food —…

Oct 7, 2014

Best Dining in Napa: The Top 5 Lists

Despite earthquakes and inch deep hail, the town of Napa in Napa Valley remains the most vibrant community in the Napa Valley for both locals and visitors. It gets this designation based on the continued revitalization it has undergone over the past 10 years, particularly its downtown area. Part of that revitalization includes a key aspect of cultural vitality: good food. What follows is my current thinking on the Town of Napa and Dining (each list numbered, but not ranked)…

Aug 29, 2014

Abraham Lincoln Was Right About Wine Laws

A Pennsylvania lawyer was recently sentenced to probation and community service. His crime? Obtaining fine wine outside of the Pennsylvania state liquor store, then selling a portion to a small list of other wine loving individuals who, like the lawyer, were unable to obtain these wines locally. They were operating on the Black Market. In addition to the probation and community service, the lawyer also had his 2,400-bottle wine collection confiscated from his home. The wine is set to be…

May 14, 2014

Honoring and Remembering Hanzell Vineyard’s Bob Sessions

In tribute to the recently passed Hanzell Vineyard’s Emeritus Winemaker Bob Sessions and his family, FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog will be static until Monday, May 19. No new posts will be placed here. Our thoughts are with Mr. Hanzell’s wife Jean Sessions and son Ben Sessions. Tom Wark will only be blogging during this time at